Behold: our new EP is OUT NOW!

Once again, we have braved waters previously uncharted to us, as we have tried new things as well as improved the production, and we could not be more proud of the outcome! "The Albatross" is a new experimental chapter in our story, with the bleak atmosphere and discombobulating heaviness from our previous releases still present.

As the band's modus operandi dictates, the 3 songs on the EP were composed in an intuitive fashion, with a "trust the process" philosophy. Whatever Leskinen and Rokio conjured up in their jam sessions turned to demos that were passed around between the band members, each adding their own ideas during rehearsals. Leskinen, being lazy at naming his project files, would dub his compositions after whatever first popped into his head, i.e. animals. While Stenman turned to writing lyrics, he took this rather seriously, penning stories about animals entering a timeless afterlife. However, the title track of the EP, The albatross, was the most ambitious part of the writing process. Rokio and Leskinen suggested Stenman would write a song about Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a fable from the 70's. It was only after the lyrics were complete when it turned out the two had no idea what the book was about. One could argue this is a good metaphor for the band's style of composing.

With Antti Turpeinen mixing and mastering the songs, and the band recording their music like there was no tomorrow, all the pieces fell into place rapidly. The band was ready to enter 2022 with 3 heavy and psychedelic pieces of post metal about godlike birds, deceased dogs, and the collapse of time.