Sargassus was established in 2012 by guitarist Teemu Leskinen and drummer Matias Rokio. Years of playing and practising together laid the ground for what Sargassus is today. The debut EP "The Giant" was composed over a period of 2 years and finalized when Matias Stenman joined the band on vocals in 2020. The new single "Tiamat" and the following EP "The Albatross" introduced improved production quality coupled with all the more progressive touch.

The band's music combines progressive and heavy riffs with dynamic drumming and atmospheric interludes. Interestingly, most songs are composed intuitively in live jamming sessions by Rokio and Leskinen. Stenman is the crazy mastermind responsible for the poetic aspect of the songs and Jukka Teppola wakes up the lower (fretless) frequencies with his own elegant style. Thematically the band draws its inspiration from mythology and literature.


New album
The Albatross

Behold: our new EP is OUT NOW!

Once again, we have braved waters previously uncharted to us, as we have tried new things as well as improved the production, and we could not be more proud of the outcome! "The Albatross" is a new experimental chapter in our story, with the bleak atmosphere and discombobulating heaviness from our previous releases still present.

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The Albatross

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The Giant

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Matias Stenman

Vocals He plays guitar, he plays banjo, sometimes he even plays himself. He's been screaming for Sargassus since 2020 with few regrets. Side hustles include (but are not limited to): Vocals in Chronicler, painting album artwork & other things

Teemu Leskinen

Guitar One of two founding members of Sargassus. Usually introduces new riff ideas for new songs. Teemu's playing has been influenced by progressive metal and death metal. "I do enjoy a cold beer from time to time".

Matias Rokio

Drums The other founding member of Sargassus who doesn’t mind harassing his band members in the middle of the night about the new ideas. A passionate musician that draws inspiration from black metal to smooth funky tunes. Also a drummer of Amongst The Ashes and a death metal force Erase This Earth. Refuses to spit into cups of any kind.

Jukka Teppola

Bass Jukka is passionate about progressive, atmospheric and psychedelic styles of music. But genre really doesn't matter as long as it sounds good. He draws inspiration from nature and meditation.